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Self Care is the New Health Care… Gentle is the New Advanced

Dealing with chronic illness or stress?

Yoga, breath work and meditation provide coping mechanisms to support you in embracing the emotional and physical challenges of living with illness, injury, or chronic stress.  

Private yoga provides individualized support that empowers individuals to use ancient healing practices as a complement to Western modern medicine to positively influence wellness habits.

Without the wisdom of teachers, my capacity to share would be deeply limited. I am grateful for the clear vision of teachers before me, their willingness to lead with authenticity and share their experiences of finding and maintaining whole health. It is a privilege to participate in passing their insight and stories to peers as well as the next generation!

Sincere gratitude for: Genevieve Yellin and the entire Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy collective (TIYT), Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Lori Rubenstien Fazzio, Eleanor Criswell, Joseph LePage, Lilian Lepage, Maria Mendola, and many teachers from the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Iowa State University.

Imagine a healing yoga session tailored to your individual needs

Are you ready to take a holistic approach to building resilience using the yoga toolbox?

Despite the mainstream popularity of group yoga classes, they are often NOT the best entry point for those new to yoga, and especially anyone with physical imbalances, injuries or chronic conditions.

While it’s true that if you can breathe, you can practice yoga, it requires an experienced guide to adapt the practice; offering modifications to physical postures, breath work to pilot the nervous system, and meditative practices.

Yoga is never intended to provide medical diagnosis or serve as a substitute for medical advice.

Two choices to manifest change and return to balance

Private Yoga

One-to-one attention to asana and breath tailored to your physical and emotional bodies and your busy schedule.

Private yoga is more like a group yoga class of moving and breathing with the full attention of the instructor to assist you in growing your practice. 

Private yoga clients want to practice yoga and are relatively healthy but want yoga to fit into their schedule, need an accountability partner to show up for self-care, or are new to yoga and want to refine their alignment or breathing patterns to gain confidence in the practice.

Private Yoga Session

$ 80
  • or 8 (60min) sessions/$480
  • individualized programming
  • virtual sessions
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Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic yoga embraces both Eastern and Western healing practices.

Yoga therapy is an individualized practice based on extensive sharing of lifestyle, chronic disease or emotional challenges and includes lessons with home study assigned and short educational lectures based in ancient yoga philosophy. 

Yoga therapy is considered a complementary healing practice that is effective in the physical, energetic, emotional, and wisdom layers of human being.

“Each step in the process of dis-ease is an opportunity to rediscover who we are.” Joseph LePage

8 Yoga Therapy Sessions

$ 575
  • virtual sessions
  • HSA & Flex Spending accounts accepted
  • individualized programming

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