Cultivating a Work/Life Balance

Corporate Wellness Program

Does your work wellness program align with your corporate mission?

As more Americans work from home, the line between work and family time has blurred.

Technology has pervaded every aspect of daily living. Without scheduled time to consciously unplug, the nervous system gets stuck in overdrive leaving us feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Burnout soon follows unless we discover how to connect with our inner guides and practice positive coping skills.

The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to envision how your assets can enhance the company objectives.

"65% of businesses with 50-100 employees reported that wellness programs are a key differentiator for employee recruitment and retention- in addition to reducing overall healthcare costs."

- Willis Healthcare Reform Survey

There is more to life than coping,
we can learn to live with joy.

Corporate wellness programming supports building resilience, which has a direct influence on how individuals direct their energy at work, home, and in relationship with others. Using mind/body practices we explore the relationship between health, stress, and coping- as opposed to factors that cause disease.
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Yoga can be strenuous or restorative. It awakens the body’s natural strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility to energize AND relax.
(self investment 30-60 min)

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Meditation allows the mind to rest. When stressed the mind is cluttered, and a disturbed mind makes poor decisions. Under stress, the body releases cortisol into the bloodstream. Both meditation and breathing practices reduce stress hormone levels as well as boost immune function.
(self investment 15-30 min)​

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OVERCOME! clinic

The nervous system was designed to alert us to danger and ensure survival. While technology has shifted daily routines, the nervous system has not evolved, and we get stuck in an endless cycle of anxiety. The Overcome! workshop offers practical tools for rebalancing the nervous system. .
(self investment 4-6 contact hours)

About the Instructor

Sandy Eimers


  • pharmacist & trauma conscious leadership facilitator
  • virtual OR on-site corporate instruction and workshops
  • corporate yoga and meditation retreats
  • corporate wellness presentations, small or large
  • individual and small group yoga & meditation instruction

Build resilience in your team

Research shows over and over that a happier person is more productive.