Yoga is for Every Body

Empowering individuals to work toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga and meditation. Together we explore the relationship between health, stress, and coping mechanisms.

Discover inner strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and even JOY through yoga!

East Meets West

Yoga rooted in science and ancient practices

As a pharmacist turned yoga instructor, Sandy Eimers has a unique approach to yoga.

Everyone experiences trauma in daily living (whether big T, or little t).  At the subconscious level we find paths around it to continue living life.

Over time, the coping mechanisms themselves become challenges.- workaholism, avoidance, substance use, perfectionism…

Learning how to observe and notice your own habitual patterns of coping leads to conscious shifts in how you navigate stressful situations. Conscious movement and breathing are powerful tools for inner exploration and growth of body, mind and spirit.

If you’re ready to replace your anxiety and feelings of overwhelm with a more peaceful existence, then find the băl’•ance yoga program perfect for you.

An online community for individuals interested in mindful movement and breathing practices.

A yoga program for every body

Private Yoga Therapy

If traditional medicine has not helped your physical or emotional pain, then yoga therapy can help you heal.

Community Yoga Practice

Connect with an online community through yoga with mixed level therapeutic-style yoga classes.

Overcome! program

Tired of living with anxiety or depression? It’s time to create new responses to stress through yoga.

Corporate Wellness Programming

Does your work wellness program align with your company's mission?

Scheduled activities focused on physical & mental health reflect a supportive company culture and support quality employee recruitment & retention.

Employees working from home value employers who empower them to manage when, where and how they work. Productivity is valued over hours.

Consistent, organized “play” develops cognitive skills, increases collaborative behavior,  and corporate community.

Benefits of movement breaks within the workday. Movement is medicine.

Sandy is an amazing yoga teacher and a beautiful healer; yoga therapy sessions with her were instrumental to healing following a major accident. She created a breathing and movement sequence that was individualized to my needs and abilities- in addition to challenging asana flows that promoted whole body strength and balance. Sandy taught me the physical, emotional and spiritual dynamics of healing while identifying contraindicated movements; helping me to receive the maximum benefit from my practice.

DG, Age 48