The difference between a good instructor and a great teacher is authenticity. At băl•anced breath school of yoga we believe yoga is taught and learned through relationships, and our intentionally small classes are designed to share information at a pace that gives you time to absorb, integrate, and experience the results achieved from releasing old habits and ways of thinking. Our curriculum is designed to support you in identifying and polishing your unique interpretation of yoga. Graduates of our program share their passion and authenticity teaching in a wide variety of yoga studio and healthcare settings. 

Vedanta = Knowledge of Self
There is a difference between learning about yoga and understanding yourself as yoga itself. 

RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training

băl΄•anced breath school of yoga offers Yoga Alliance approved study of skills required to lead group and private yoga classes and introduces yoga as a path to total wellness and healing from within. 

  • individualized assistance in developing your ability to lead a group yoga class

  • experiential approach to learning: student centered education

  • multidimensional approach to yoga postures using the Five Koshas

  • understanding health vs illness

  • interactive psychology and philosophy of yoga

Is this program for me? balanced breath school of yoga targets students who are interested in utilizing the contemplative arts as a tool for healing. It is open to anyone who is passionate and has a basic knowledge of yoga and anatomy; especially body workers and all health care practitioners. While this program is directed toward healthcare professionals, all candidates with a well-established yoga practice will be considered.

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yoga teacher training at băl'•ance yoga lounge
balanced breath school of yoga 

balanced breath school of yoga in Ankeny, Iowa, offers an annual RYT200 training with emphasis on utilizing yoga to support healing through the Koshas.

Sandy Valley of the Temples
lead instructor Sandy Eimers 
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Participation is limited to 10 students. Study begins September 7, 2018 (and continues with monthly meetings spanning Friday/Saturday/Sunday).
sandy@balanceyogalounge.com for further information and/or to schedule a personal interview.
(April 2018) The FALL teacher training class at the yoga lounge is FULL. The next class begins September of 2019.
The yoga therapy components of our [courses/training] are based on our [non-YAR credential or other qualification], not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.
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