Self Care is the New Health Care

The Art of Healing Through Experience

Despite the mainstream popularity of group yoga classes, they are often NOT the best entry point for those new to yoga, and especially anyone with physical imbalances, injuries or chronic conditions. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga. But it requires an experienced guide to adapt the practice; offering modifications to physical postures, breath work to pilot the nervous system, meditative practices, and many other coping mechanisms to support you on the good and bad days of navigating chronic illness or injury. Busyness is no longer a defensible excuse for ignoring your personal well-being. Are you ready to reveal the healthiest version of yourself?

Private Yoga... enjoy one-to-one attentiontrauma informed yoga png

Private yoga lessons are a good option if you are:

  • curious to try yoga, but not ready for group classes
  • working with a schedule that doesn’t allow you to attend weekly scheduled classes
  • ready to refine your practice (body alignment/sensation, breath awareness, fluidity)
  • ready to have some fun with aerial silks or the indoor SUP board

Therapeutic yoga... activate your inner pharmacy

Dealing with chronic illness? Yoga, breath work and meditation provide coping mechanisms to support you in embracing the emotional and physical challenges of living with illness or injury. Yoga can be strenuous or restorative, but only when the instructor has experience assessing your individual abilities and health goals. Therapy-oriented private yoga provides individualized support that empowers individuals to use ancient healing practices as a complement to Western modern medicine to positively influence wellness habits. How can yoga therapy help?

Sandy completed professional yoga therapist certification with Integrative Yoga Therapy and is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In addition she is a licensed pharmacist, trauma yoga certified and Yoga Alliance certified ERYT500 yoga teacher. If you are ready to manifest change and return to balance; schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation 


Available upon request:
Small group private yoga
Corporate wellness presentations and on-site yoga classes for further details

meditation around town
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It was an incredible experience! I signed up for the 8 lesson private package and it was more than I expected- I knew we would cover many different poses, but I learned so much about yoga, breathing techniques, meditation... I appreciated the balance between studying the eight limbs and my requests for specific poses. I have continued practicing at home, and I feel like I now have a solid foundation. I also feel much more confident in group classes. Thank you so much! TK 34yo

Signing up for yoga therapy with Sandy was one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time.  I initially looked into it because physical therapy did not seem to be resolving my concerns.  During the 8 sessions with Sandy and home studies, I experienced physical and emotional healing that exceeded my expectations.  My daily routines have been altered based on what I learned and experienced.  I am thankful for Sandy’s guidance on this journey. SL 35yo

It’s hard to find the right words to express how much I’ve benefited from private yoga training with Sandy. In group classes, my head told me, “…you can do better than that…” and I would inevitably push myself too far, so I decided yoga was too hard for me. In private lessons, Sandy explained how the body softens and opens if we listen carefully to our inner voice. After several months of work, I have gained confidence in my practice and understand the genuine benefits. I know how my body responds to stretching, strengthening and movement. I’m still taking private lessons and the benefits are so much more than I could have imagined.  DG 63yo

Sandy is an amazing yoga teacher and a beautiful healer; yoga therapy sessions with her were instrumental to healing following a major accident. She created a breathing and movement sequence that was individualized to my needs and abilities- in addition to challenging asana flows that promoted whole body strength and balance. Sandy taught me the physical, emotional and spiritual dynamics of healing while identifying contraindicated movements; helping me to receive the maximum benefit from my practice. DG 48yo

The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my [non-YAR credential or other qualification], not derived from my status as an [RYT/E-RYT] with Yoga Alliance Registry.
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