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balance yoga lounge of Ankeny offers a wide range of classes ranging from vigorous vinyasa and strength training to restorative yoga and meditation led by experienced instructors.

Practice basic yoga postures, the art and benefits of breathing, gentle stretching and basic flowing movement. Modification of poses and use of props are encouraged to enhance alignment and energy within asana. Beginners welcome!
This class will connect movement with the breath. You will be guided through a flow of yoga postures to warm the body and then move to the floor for deeper stretches. Class will end with a guided meditation. Arrive tight and tired and walk out open and refreshed. A class for all levels of ability.
Increase your flexibility and strength with this vinyasa flow class. Move mindfully through sequences that connect the breath to the body and mind. Look within to observe the life force flowing through the body with each asana. All bodies are welcomed and invited to quiet the mind, move with the breath, and take the journey within.
A moderately paced class appropriate for beginner through intermediate students. Our mixed level class incorporates fluid movement as well as attention to alignment and breathing. Modifications permit each student to customize the practice according to their needs.
Schedule a midday break to reset the breath and stretch the body. 45 minutes of asana flow and attention to the breath to balance your day.
Restorative yoga offers an opportunity for the body to remember stillness. With the physical body supported using blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets the mind slows and we reconnect with our true nature of relaxation. The practice often includes gentle breath work, aromatherapy, sound vibration, guided imagery, mudra, or yoga nidra.  
Struggling to quiet the mind in meditation? You're not alone! Sound has been used in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing and balancing mind and body. Connect to the breath and enjoy the sound of symphonic gong, singing bowls, chimes, drums and ting-sha bells. Relax and receive the vibration or join in the creation of sound.
When anxiety becomes chronic the protective mechanisms of the nervous system get stuck! This clinic targets the roots of anxiety with tools for self-regulation. Four sessions (5/9, 5/23, 6/6, 6/20) 7-9:30pm. All classes led by Sandy Eimers, pharmacist and certified trauma yoga therapist. Must be available to attend all four sessions to build a foundation for changing habitual patterns of response to stress and anxiety. Registration includes a 75 page printed manual with self-regulation tools, physical postures, breathing exercises, mudra, deep relaxation techniques, affirmations, tools for meditation, nutritional tips, insomnia busters and an introduction to yoga. Maximum ten participants; no yoga experience required. 
Therapeutic slow-flow yoga. Moderate heat softens muscles and untangles knots of tension without interrupting the effortless flow of the breath. Explore the edges of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance through mindful movement and breath.
A mixed level practice combining rhythmic movements to alternately lengthen and strengthen muscles (Yang) with slower paced, longer static stretches to soften connective tissue (Yin). A holistic Yin/Yang practice that supports patience and observation while giving the mind and nervous system a much needed opportunity to re-balance and relax.
Zen is direct pointing to your own wisdom and understanding. Yoga asanas – back bends, forward bends, twists, inversions, balancing, and hip openers – facilitate Zen meditation. The foundation of practice is acceptance of your body-as-it-is. All levels welcome.

At balance yoga lounge all yoga instructors are Yoga Alliance certified to ensure a traditional yoga experience.

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