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balance yoga lounge of Ankeny offers a wide range of classes ranging from vigorous vinyasa and strength training to restorative yoga and meditation led by experienced instructors.

In Zen we say, "You are perfect just as you are, and there is plenty of room for improvement." Your aches, age, anxiety, and arthritis do not diminish you. While the by-product of Aimless Yoga can be improved physical and emotional health, it is not the purpose. Aimless Yoga is about entering the paradox of being perfect and at the same time incomplete. Class includes basic asana, pranayama, deep relaxation, Zen meditation and chanting. All levels of ability welcome.
Practice basic yoga postures, the art and benefits of breathing, gentle stretching and basic flowing movement. Modification of poses and use of props are encouraged to enhance alignment and energy within asana. Beginners welcome!
A moderately paced class appropriate for beginner through intermediate students. Our mixed level class incorporates fluid movement as well as attention to alignment and breathing. Modifications permit each student to customize the practice according to their needs.
Unroll your mat for the first class of the new year! It's the quiet space between the notes that create the music of our lives. Welcome 2019 with loving kindness directed inward...
Open to all, reservations recommended. Relax and welcome the new year through asana, pranayama, and sound meditation!
Schedule a midday break to reset the breath and stretch the body. 45 minutes of asana flow and attention to the breath to balance your day.
Restorative Rēsĕt offers gentle, focused somatic movement in addition to supported stillness using multiple props. Remembering peace and building your capacity for sustained single-pointed focus is the goal of this practice. All levels of ability can enjoy this journey of strengthening and calming the nervous system. 
Restorative yoga offers an opportunity for the body to remember stillness. With the physical body supported using blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets the mind slows and we reconnect with our true nature of relaxation. The practice often includes gentle breath work, sound vibration, guided imagery, and mudra.  
Struggling to quiet the mind in meditation? You're not alone! Sound has been used in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing and balancing mind and body. Connect to the breath and enjoy the sound of symphonic gong, singing bowls, chimes, drums and ting-sha bells. Relax and receive the vibration or join in the creation of sound.
Therapeutic slow-flow yoga. Moderate heat softens muscles and untangles knots of tension without interrupting the effortless flow of the breath. Explore the edges of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance through mindful movement and breath.
Yin and yang are opposite and complementary principles in nature. While yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspects of nature, yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of life. Trauma can become deeply embedded in the body within connective tissue. Yin yoga utilizes low to the earth asana held for 3-5 minutes to allow softening of fascia and release of blockages within energy meridians. A yin practice balances the internal organs resulting in improved flow of prana, reduced stress/anxiety, and increased joint mobility.
A mixed level practice combining rhythmic movements to alternately lengthen and strengthen muscles (Yang) with slower paced, longer static stretches to soften connective tissue (Yin). A holistic Yin/Yang practice that supports patience and observation while giving the mind and nervous system a much needed opportunity to re-balance and relax.

At balance yoga lounge all yoga instructors are Yoga Alliance certified to ensure a traditional yoga experience.

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