Trauma-Informed Yoga Training in Des Moines




The definition of trauma is fairly broad. It includes responses to powerful one-time incidents as well as responses to chronic or repetitive experiences, such as abuse, neglect, combat, unstable relationships and deprivation. It us up to the survivor to determine whether a particular event is traumatic.


Everyone experiences trauma... not everyone has PTSD.


Defining trauma with such a broad brush, makes it relatively easy to see that literally no one survives childhood without some exposure to trauma. Science has demonstrated that the human nervous system undergoes changes when exposed to traumatic events, yet the vast majority of us have never been taught tools for self-regulation that we can turn to when we become triggered into our past experience of trauma.

TIYT is a comprehensive training program that guides yoga therapists, mental health professionals, yoga instructors, and body workers to greater understanding of traumatic experience (in the body, mind and spirit) with the intention of creating greater focus on positive life changes that can emerge from the experience of trauma. If traumatic experience is common to all who age past childhood, then trauma-informed training offers, not only tools for survival, but opportunities and practices to create positive life changes. Resilience forms when the perspective shifts from, “this is what’s wrong with me,” to “this is something that happened to me."


Mental health practitioners familiar with yoga and interested in incorporating trauma-informed yogic movement and contemplative tools into their clinical practice will learn body-based trauma treatment rooted in neurophysiological principles, the polyvagal nerve theory, yoga therapy techniques, and TIYT™ methodology. There will be a strong emphasis on learning how to specialize and teach various populations with unresolved trauma in treatment centers, hospitals, wellness programs, prisons, and private practice. (APA CEs available- see additional information below)


Registration is now open for the Des Moines training, July 16-21. The training is divided into two individual modules: Earth (July 16-18) and Water (July 19-21). Further study is available through online modules to become a certified Overcoming Anxiety clinic facilitator.



EARTH Module, Level 1 Mon-Wed | July 16- July 18 7AM-5:30PM $459

WATER Module, Level 2 Thur-Sat, July 19- 20, 7AM-5:30PM July  21, 8AM – 1PM $459



                                                      Discounted price for both modules $868 



EARTH. This training teaches Trauma Informed Care practices as they apply to teaching public Yoga classes. Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching requires awareness of the consequences of trauma and adversity, and an understanding that there is a potential for Yoga practitioners to re-experience post-trauma symptoms while practicing Yoga. The focus of this training is teaching how to create a safe space, to prevent negative responses to Yoga practice in a public setting, recognition of issues and troubleshooting if such an event occurs. Time is also dedicated to an introduction of Interpersonal neurobiology, neuropsychology as it applies to Yoga practices, self-care, and deepening personal practice. For more info: click here

Prerequisite: Yoga experience as a practitioner (2 years preferred) AND: RYT 200/500 OR currently enrolled in YTT, OR C-IAYT, OR Licensed Mental Health Professional OR Allied Health Partner OR Licensed Massage Therapist

Certification: Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga


WATER. This training is designed to teach the TIYT™ methodology to Yoga, allied health, and mental health professionals who are presently working with, or interested in working with clients who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder (PD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and/or acute cumulative stress; in Yoga Therapy terms, all are fluctuations of the mind (vá¹›ttis). The focus of the training is practical applications of ancient yoga psychology, philosophy and practices as well as the Polyvagal Nerve theory, Somathesis and other neurophysiological principles. This methodology is currently employed in hospitals, in-patient psychiatric units, addiction recovery programs, schools, healthcare facilities, Yoga studios, and prisons as stand-alone programs and as a complementary modality in an integrative healthcare setting. For more info: click here

Prerequisite: RYT 200/500 AND 100 hrs minimum teaching experience AND completion of EARTH module.

Certification: Advanced Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy


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Registration Process:
1. Pay tuition through balance yoga lounge website
2. complete online application for TIYT training: sundarayogatherapy.com 
3. If application is denied, tuition is refunded.

Both modules will be held at the Ramada Inn, 133 SE Delaware Ave, Ankeny, IA 50021 (515-964-1717)  Discounted room rates available by mentioning the TIYT training and balance yoga lounge.

Continuing Education Credits & Credits Available
APA American Psychological Association: National pre-approval Provider for Continuing Education Credits for six APA Continuing Education credits.
Inner Peace Yoga Therapy Certification: This training counts as elective credits in the 800hr Professional Yoga Therapist Certification.
Integrative Yoga Therapy Certifications: This training can count as either Module 3 transfer credit in the 500hr Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga program, or as Module 5 credit in the 800 hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certification.
Yoga Alliance: 25 Yoga Alliance CEUs
Marriage & Family Therapists: Pre-approved as a Provider for Continuing Education Credits for the state of Texas.
Social Workers: Pre-approved as a Provider for Continuing Education Credits for Social Workers in the state of Texas.
Professional Counselors: Pre-approved as a Provider for Continuing Education Credits for Professional Counselors in the state of Texas.

Additional Expenses
1) Required reading (estimated cost: less than $34) The reading list is given after registration is completed.
2) For out-of-town participants: Accommodations/Meals are not included in the tuition. Participants are responsible for making their own arrangements. We make every effort to work with our hosting venues to offer discounted group rates at a local hotel. We cannot guarantee discounts. More information is provided after registration is completed.