The Power of Mudra in Meditation

Meditation Around Town Des Moines Iowa 5.19.16
Thursday, May 19 (6pm) Sandy Eimers led Meditation Around Town at the Des Moines Botanical Center.
The meditation centered around the use of hasta (hand) mudras to silently externalize inner thoughts and feelings. The meditation focused on the seven chakras that lie along the length of the spine to balance physical and energetic health.

Hasta mudras have been utilized throughout time to tell stories and to reconnect practitioners with their internal source of prana (energy) to support well-being and spiritual evolution. The practice of mudra sends pranic energy emitted by the hands, back into the body to support a meditative state of mind.

Mudras are an effective tool for linking the physical body with the energetic and mental bodies- which sometimes become disconnected in the hectic pace of modern living. Recent research indicates that hand gestures stimulate the same regions in the brain as language. Whether you experience sensations immediately, or it takes some practice- what if you find greater health and harmony right in the palms of your hands? It's worth the effort!

Actions speak louder than words, and the use of the hands are no exception. The chart below was taken directly from the book, "Mudras for Healing and Transformation," written by Joseph and Lilian Le Page. With 108 mudra shared in detail, it is by far the most comprehensive resource available. Purchase the book directly from the Integrative Yoga Therapy website. Laminated mudra cards are also available.

Chakra Mudra Chart