Max Strom Returns to the Heartland

Born with severe clubbed feet, Max Strom spent much of the first six years of his life with his feet confinedMaxStrom-HeadshotWeb23 in plaster casts and braces. Today, he is known for inspiring and impacting the lives of his students and has become a global teacher, speaker, and author. He has taught tens of thousands of students, and trained over a thousand teachers. Max’s method, Inner Axis, teaches yoga from a universal platform that addresses the internal, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our life, as well as health and well being.  He is the author of, There is No APP for Happiness, and also, A Life Worth Breathing, which is now published in five languages. He is also the creator of two home practice DVDs.

Watch his TEDx talk, There is No App for HappinessMax Strom TEDx

Reserve tickets NOW. Workshops in Des Moines January 29-30

Friday January 29th 5:30-7:30 Location: Jasper Winery
Vital Life-Better Sleep: Stress management

This workshop deals directly with the modern plague of sleeplessness and stress.  In America, the Center for Disease Control has declared sleep disorder an epidemic, and this is happening in industrial cities across the world.  This workshop will help you re-think your priorities and give you knowledge to take home with you to help you sleep and live more at ease. This workshop begins with a lecture, then moves into a gentle restorative sequence of postures and gentle movement that immediately trigger deep relaxation. Simple, powerful accessible. Max will give you knowledge to take home with you to help you live more at ease with improved sleep.  All levels are welcome. Bring writing materials.

Saturday January 30th 10:00-12:00 Location: Jasper Winery
Opening the Chest and Shoulders - a New State of Energy

Some of the negative side effects of using a computer are that we find ourselves with frozen shoulders, sore forearms, and injured wrists. This workshop targets these issues with a special sequence of postures that opens the chest and shoulders. This induces an emotional sense of release, brings the mind into stillness, and the body into a new state of energy. Open to all levels except absolute beginners. This movement workshop is both challenging and very healing. 

Saturday January 30th 2:00-4:00 Location: Jasper Winery
Some Doors Open Only from the Inside- The healing power of transformational breath-work

Join Max for a special session of standing and sitting breathing exercises. The voice of our intuition and wisdom is commonly drowned out by the noise in our mind.  The noise is often caused from chaotic or congested emotions from stress, depression, PTSD, or anxiety. Focused breath work can spark within us the reawakening of our higher nature, the voice of intuition, wisdom, and conscience.  The practices you will learn in this workshop will take you to new depths and inspire you for weeks to come. Max has taken this work around the world to people of many faiths and nationalities. Bring your mat and writing materials. (Please no recording equipment)


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