What really happens in Savasana?


You’ve twisted, stretched, balanced and breathed through the entire yoga class and now the awaited finale…RELAXATION and corpse pose. Eyes closed, body lengthened on the floor, cuddly blanket tucked all around the edges of your body and the lights dimmed. Sometimes the mind even slows down just enough for you to connect to emptiness for a few seconds!

THIS is the yoga pose I try most often to practice at home. And, I have found the perfect place to practice it…in the bath tub. Fill the tub with water that is the perfect temperature for your body, climb in and be still. Feel the buoyancy of your body in the water and gentle movements as you float in emptiness. If you prefer music, place your smart phone next to the tub and tune in to Pandora’s Spa Suite Radio…you won’t need any amplification, just a background track to soothe the brain. Add some bath salts and essential oils if you enjoy aromatherapy; and just BE for as long as you are comfortable.

So far so good, but HERE is where the real magic happens. Unplug the drain and settle back into the tub to wait for the water to empty slowly. Pay careful attention to the sensations created in your body as the water drains. Notice as the water pulls away from your body the sensation of heaviness that spreads slowly throughout your body. Feel the receding waters pulling tension from deep in your muscles, as your body collapses into a heap of jelly at the bottom of the tub. Resist the temptation to re-arrange your body, allowing it to press into the sides/bottom of the tub as gravity reclaims your body. This is surrender. Carry these new, deeper sensations back to your mat to refine savasana for your practice! Namaste, and happy holiday floating. I can’t wait to hear about your bath savasana…

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