Thinking about trying yoga for the first time?


As the new year approaches, on the heels of 2012′s end-of-the world doomsday talk, the presidential election and hurricane Sandy, you might be left feeling a little breathless! In days gone by, it made sense to create entries on your calendar to block off times you would be busy with activities. But today, our calendars are jammed full of work, leisure and learning experiences with little time left for even eating or sleeping…

So, maybe the time has come to make peace with the reality that we will always be busy, and consciously schedule time for restoration…the things we choose that spark the light in our eyes and restore faith in humanity. The little things that fuel love, compassion and a sense of contentment. Without restoration, there is a slow deadening of the spirit as we try to pick up the burdens of adulthood without opportunity to fill our cup back up.

If trying yoga is on your list of New Years resolutions (and we know walking into a yoga studio can be intimidating) know that we have assembled some of the best yoga instructors in Central Iowa to guide you in building your personal practice.

We’ve heard every excuse, “I’m not flexible enough,” “I haven’t exercised in years,” and “I’m not sure about the religious affiliations of yoga.” Yoga is a 6000 year old practice to strengthen the body and still the mind; and there are as many styles of yoga as there are yoga instructors, so come meet all eight of our instructors and take advantage of our introductory offer of $40 for 14 days of unlimited yoga. Male or female, young or old- we have classes for all.

An open letter to beginning yoga students everywhere

create an online account, buy a pass and select classes!

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