Letting Go…it can’t all be that important, right?


We’re bombarded with information twenty-four-seven; we work long hours, and our free time is consumed with a laundry list of social events, physical activity, hobbies, arts and entertainment. In simpler times, our work schedule was predictable and if we had social events on the weekend…we felt lucky to have something fun to do!

Cut to 2012. Variable work schedules spanning day and evening hours overlap with dozens of choices for socializing. And on the rare occasions we find ourselves solo, there’s always twitter, facebook, skype and email to electronically connect. So the problem today isn’t what should we DO…but rather, what don’t we have time to squeeze into the calendar?

In the seventies, Elton John sang, “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” Today, the hardest word is N-O. Here’s some great advice for living in the new millenium. 10 Things to Stop Caring About.

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