Learning to love…ourselves



“Once upon a time, a fellow teacher guided me through a “What’s Great About Me” process. It’s one of my favorite interventions. Most of us understand what’s wrong with us. When I ask people what’s not working, they hardly ever say, “I don’t know.” When I ask people what needs to change, they have a laundry list of ideas.

However, when I say, “OK, you’ve told me a lot about how you’re overweight and stressed out and anxious and everything, now what I want to know is: what’s great about you?” people fall off their mats. They literally roll off the mat and cover their eyes in an attempt to blind themselves from their own light.”

How to Break Free From Insecurity and Discover Your Gifts. Most of us can recite a list of things we need to work on inside ourselves. And as this article points out, letting go of what needs “fixing,” can be the key to unwrapping your deepest gifts! Forget about making New Year Resolutions…celebrate the best in you and let it shine brightly in 2014 :)

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