keeping it real…as yoga grows in popularity, are we keeping our priorities in line with the roots of the practice?


Watching yoga expand like wildfire in the Midwest, and studios pop up overnight is fun to experience…after years of watching folks stare wide-eyed at the mention of asana and pranayama and holding hands with new students intimidated to attend their first class; it’s exciting to be able to choose from local workshops, various classes at the many excellent studios in Central Iowa, shop at clothing stores specific to yoga, and contribute to fun-centered yoga events raising money to support those in need.

But, the flip side of watching yoga enter the mainstream of our marketing based economy raises some questions. The 5000 year old practice of yoga has been handed down for centuries from generation to generation through relationships. As our enthusiasm for yoga expands and more people join us on the journey; it would be easy to get carried away and without conscious thought, realize too late that our travels took us to a destination that we had not considered possible… yoga transformed into another American-made brand; marketed feverishly until the next big trend arrives.

What if, just for today, we contemplated the future of yoga? And, envisioned what our practice might encompass in ten years. Discarded and replaced by the next fitness trend? Or, continuing to draw the very best of us to the surface for sharing?

Balance is achieved through awareness of both sides; keep reading to re-balance your view of yoga…all leaders are human, not gods to be followed blindly, students can become disillusioned with their practice, and yoga has caught the eye of big business.

Does it make sense to turn off cruise control, lay the cell phone down, and take a few minutes to enjoy the journey with all of our senses to ensure we arrive at the intended destination?


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