In defense of “old school” yoga…


Call me old-fashioned (maybe just old), but my yoga unites rather than divides. My yoga serves as an anchor and leveling agent to a life filled with multi-tasking between the day job, the family, and running a yoga business. The treadmill of life speeds up and leaves me breathless; yoga fills me up. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Charlotte Bell’s thoughts on modern yoga so much, and maybe you will too. If the excerpt below resonates with you, be sure to follow this link to read a bit more. Be sure to share your thoughts in the form of comments below!

When the yoga boom happened, suddenly the intention for practice shifted. Yoga had to pick up the pace in order to fit into busy Western culture: Instead of practicing around a dozen poses in a class, we did a dozen poses per minute. We turned up the volume: Somewhere along the line, soundtracks combining raucous pop music and the burgeoning genre of yoga music accompanied our practice. We turned up the heat: Inspired by the popularity of Bikram yoga, studios of other types began turning up their thermostats to induce sweat. We turned up the fashion quotient: Pricey yoga clothing became a “necessity”—no more T-shirts and sweats. And Savasana, once a 10- to 15-minute respite designed to quiet the nervous system and allow for integration, was reduced to a two- to three-minute afterthought…

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