Finding Inspiration: ON and OFF the mat


Lisa Evans, RYT200- is a student of life and yoga instructor at balance yoga lounge.

Inspiration: it’s something we look for and even something
we long for. We can find inspiration and we can inspire. As a yoga teacher there is no greater goal or joy than to inspire a student; whether it’s to move to the edge of their practice or discover the breath with in the movement. We can find spiritual inspiration at church, synagogue, or even on the mat. Every January we look for inspiration to exercise and become healthier. So is it
always there if we look for it or can it sneak up on us? I experienced a very sneak attack of inspiration on my recent trip to Italy. Italy, a place not really on my radar, and yet a trip I found myself on. Had you asked me where it fell on my list of top ten places to visit, it would have ranked it 9th or 10th.

Italy is a land of detail, substance and overwhelming beauty, but I didn’t know this. I was caught unaware, asleep even, to its ancient artistry and rich history. I started my journey in the bustling cities of Florence and Rome, one side of Italy’s coin, crowned in high reaching archways, flowing fountains, decorative doorways and narrow cobbled streets.
Having been kissed by the great masters, Michelangelo, Botticelli and the like, the museums hold works of art we dare dream to see. Churches of marble and gold, adorned with statues of virtue stand on every other corner waiting to be noticed. Flip the coin; Tuscany, Lazio…their rolling hills and village dotted valleys challenging my camera; is this beauty real or fiction reserved for a movie set? Lush groves of grape vines and olive trees alive with bees and birds hold the promise of tasty delights. Boisterous greetings called to you in a foreign tongue…”Grazie”, “Prego”, “Buonasera!”

Italy’s timeless beauty is in the old, the new and the everyday…I am inspired to find the beauty in my own life or at least create it where I can; to carry it with me into my own home and deliver it to my family and friends. Can I challenge the mundane glass of water to become its own little work of art in the right crystal, enlivened with a fresh wedge of lemon? Can I change a boring wall into something picturesque with a modest potted flower, an old chair and some fresh paint? Can I make a new acquaintance into a beautiful
friendship with a warm handshake, a sincere smile and some lively conversation? This is not so different from inspiring to be a better person, a more spiritual person or even a healthier person. Inspiration in all its forms is a gift, and thankfully a gift that can be shared.

I hope you are inspired to keep an open mind and an open heart on your next journey, whether it’s a trip you have longed for or just one you have found yourself on…beware the sneak attack of inspiration!

Namaste, Lisa

Where do YOU find inspiration?

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