Clutter. Which came first? the cluttered mind or your cluttered house?


Over the years it’s become painfully clear that to achieve relaxation, my surroundings must be organized and free of clutter. Somehow, when things outside of me are in chaos, it seeps inside.  To calm my mind I instinctively begin to organize everything outside of myself.

If you are curious about this concept of clutter, consider reading Your Spacious Self, Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are  (Stephanie Bennett Vogt)

You’re not alone. Despite the proliferation and popularity of how-to books, magazines, make-over reality television shows, feng shui cures, closet organizing services worth billions of dollars a year, and a self-storage industry that is bigger than McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s combined, clutter continues to grow, quickly becoming one of the biggest epidemics of our time. There is no denying that our stress and our stuff is burying us alive!

Read the blog Stephanie wrote for Kripalu’s Thrive Center here.

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