“Buddha Girl”


Today was my day off, and after a leading class at the lounge and guiding 25 preschoolers through their first yoga class (all before noon), I was feeling the need for a diversion. Shopping for candles, I ended up at a store that sells all kinds of home furnishings…and this is where I met her. She was seated atop a table in the middle of the store. Proud, strong and confident she drew my eye immediately. Within minutes, I decided to take her home with me.

She seemed really comfortable riding in the KHARMA car, although there were a few sideways glances from other drivers…




Once we arrived at the lounge, we hung out for while and talked about girl stuff…








Then Buddha Girl wanted to get the mats out, and turns out she leads a pretty good class! We relaxed in legs up the wall, played the singing bowl and the gong!







…even spent some time in meditation; she had such a peaceful look on her face.







Buddha Girl really enjoyed our time at the lounge and has decided to stay! She sits in quiet meditation just inside the front entry. The problem is, Buddha Girl needs a name! Please add your suggestions as comments below and the person who comes up with the best name for Buddha Girl will be rewarded with a special gift from the lounge.

“Buddha Girl” has arrived just in time to help the lounge celebrate FIVE years of yoga in Ankeny in September!

Namaste, Sandy






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