băl΄•anced breath school of yoga

băl΄•anced breath school of yoga

It’s hard to believe that our first group of yoga teacher training students are preparing for their final classes!

The journey began last September and culminates with almost a full week of yoga in May. We have taught each other a great deal in the time spent together on the mat. Last September, when we introduced ourselves to each other, we discussed how our lotus blooms had reached the surface of the pond of knowledge and through our efforts to learn more about ourselves, we would watch the petals of the flower unfold and expand. I am so grateful for the students that the Universe sent to me for this first RYT200 training at the yoga lounge… intelligent, thoughtful and caring- these students have bonded at a level that time can never break; asking all the right questions and never taking in information without careful consideration.

Yoga is taught and learned in relationships. The comprehensive study of yoga and the skills needed to become a confident yoga instructor take time. When the brain is challenged with too much information in too little time, it unconsciously activates filters to keep us from becoming overwhelmed. Learning more about yourself and how to effectively lead others in yoga is most certainly a process rather than a destination; becoming certified to lead yoga through the Yoga Alliance is only one step along the path! Whether you arrive at teacher training with a goal of learning more about yoga and the art of being, or you wish to lead others in the practice of yoga- prepare for an amazing journey.


băl΄•anced breath school of yoga                is approved by the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. A new session of study begins September 2012. Learn more here. email info@balanceyogalounge.com with additional inquiries. Class size is limited to 8 students to maintain an intimate learning environment.


Before beginning this program, I don’t believe I truly grasped the beauty of human interaction or knew WHO I was…each weekend I can’t wait to get back to my yogi family! This type of training should be offered to everyone; even if you have no intention of ever leading a class, you can receive benefits. If you want to move forward as an individual in any area of your life, RYT is for you.      Jodey B.

The nine month format allowed time for absorbing and retaining a wealth of information. We studied many texts that I would not have wanted to breeze through and the variety of knowledgeable guest presenters and topics has deepened my understanding of yoga as a lifestyle.      Michelle S.

Each meeting of the nine month adventure with Sandy’s RYT200 program continuously unfolded a deeper knowledge and understanding of the power of yoga, both on and off the mat. Beyond learning to build flowing pose sequences, you’re going to love the people you meet- learning and growing together in the mutual search for union of mind, body and spirit. Sandy’s passion, gentle wisdom and nurturing teaching style makes her program enjoyable and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.      Angela O.






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