The Enneagram...tool for self knowledge & transformation

Want to know more about the person you are and SEE the person you can become? Want to understand why you "react" the way you do? Want to know what the diagram below has to do with Self Knowledge and awareness?

 Start the new decade by joining us for an introduction to enneagrams-mapping of personality types- led by Marcie Sheaff (certified Enneagram instructor) at balance yoga lounge. January 16, 2010 from 9:30- 11:00 AM *immediately following our free will donation yoga class beginning at 8:30AM* The enneagam is a map of personality archetypes. By coming to an understanding of these types and identifying one's own type, we come to an understanding of patterns of behavior and dysfunction. With Divine grace and this knowledge, we can open ourselves to transformation. Self knowledge helps us let go of the limiting mechanisms of our personality so that we can more deeply experience who and what we really are. This workshop will give a very brief overview of a three dimensional personality paradigm that helps us understand our way of being in the universe and interacting with others. Using the enneagram process you can decide on a number which describes a set of assets and weaknesses, and then begin to understand what happens when you are at your best and what happens when you are vulnerable. You will also see which of the three types of intelligences you most use and which one needs to be developed. Following the presentation of information, there will be some time spent in helping participants begin to identify their enneagram number.

FREE WILL DONATIONS ACCEPTED. Please share your intent to attend via email or phone so that we may provide printed materials for all. Read more about "The Wisdom of the Enneagrams" by Riso and Hudson http://tinyurl.com/yz52oza