Bread baking...a quiet meditation

Back again this fall- our popular breadbaking as meditation workshop.   Noodle Zoo will share their kitchen Zen Sept 28 at 7pm. The workshop will begin with hands on mixing and kneading of dough and then proceed to relaxing yoga stretches and meditation while the loaves rise. After baking, we will break bread together and spend time reflecting on the transformative process of creating bread and the possible parallels to life itself. Baking not only demands concentration and presence but also offers a bit of sanctuary. The process of making bread creates a shift in awareness, becoming absorbed- not thinking of yesterday or tomorrow- but giving your attention to the bread, focusing on the dough in your hands.   call Sandy 515-210-8138 or email sandy@balanceyogalounge.com (limited to 8 participants)


Declutter Your Body, Mind, and Space

What do your kitchen, your body, your attitude, and your daily planner all have in common? For many, the common thread is CLUTTER. Clutter in one area affects all other connected areas. While clutter exists in many forms, three impact us significantly on a daily basis: 1.       Physical – knick-knacks, sentimental items, gadgets, and the “stuff” that occupies our space; 2.       Mental – negative thinking, worries, and never-ending to-do lists; 3.       Life – overbooked schedules, draining relationships, depleting work situations, and lack of        spiritual fitness, for example. Fortunately, decluttering in one area raises awareness in the others and, almost as if by magic, those other areas begin to declutter as well with little (or at least less) effort. This phenomenon has been reported time and again! You already know how frustrating it is to trip over boxes of odds-and-ends or to try and cram more clothes into an already-filled closet. But clutter impacts our well-being in many hidden ways, too:  It affects our relationships, health, finances, even our moods. Here’s an example: imagine you need to do some focused writing, plan an important upcoming event, or want to spend some time in quiet reflection before managing the tasks of your busy day. You feel energized, rested, and excited about the project ahead. You walk into your space, ready to get started, and it looks like this: How likely are you to concentrate fully, relax, or even begin on that project that – just moments ago – you were excited to begin? If you are like most of my workshop participants, you would either start cleaning (and quickly lose energy) or turn around and walk out! Either way, your once-exciting project is left undone. Now imagine that same scenario: you’re ready to embark on this important project, you know what you need to do, and are excited about the process. You walk into your space and  it looks like this: How likely are you to jump into that project now? If you practice yoga regularly, you already know the benefits of freeing your mind of clutter, focusing on your breathing, and experiencing the present moment. Decluttering your space can also lift you to a higher level of awareness and focus, allowing you to fully engage in the present while designing a fulfilling and enriching future for yourself. I invite you to join me for Transformational Decluttering, an upcoming workshop that will truly help you clear your space and change your life. Learn how to declutter, where to start, what to do with sentimental items, even how to ensure your clutter improves someone else’s life! Mention Balance Yoga Lounge when registering and you can enroll at a discounted rate of $65, while space is available. I guarantee you won’t regret time spent in this uplifting and inspiring workshop! In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at the various areas of your life: your kitchen, your body, your planner, your workspace, your personal growth. In which area, if you cleared away the clutter and embarked on a fresh and open path, would you experience a breakthrough in your life? Commit to clearing away just one piece of excess in that area during the next few days. Continue, one step at a time, and you will begin to experience the benefits of decluttering in all aspects of your life! Transformational Decluttering: Clear Your Space, Change Your Life! Thursday, September 17, 2009 9:00am – 12:00pm Ankeny DMACC – Conference Center $65 for balance yoga lounge members and fans. Pre-registration required. Details and registration available at www.TheLifeOfNoRegrets.com.                                                                                         


  Written by guest blogger Christine D. Hegstad, Ph.D. (MAP Professional Development Inc.)       clutter photos courtesy of Marsha Hines of Presence