What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? Yoga "asanas" or postures are one of the eight branches of the system of human growth to higher consciusness brought out in the Yoga Sutras (Aphorisms) of Maharishi Patajali. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation program once joked that "Yoga is not simply the union of the head with the knee." Yoga is indeed union.  To yoke, or to unite, is the purpose of yoga.  To unite what?  To unite the individual with the cosmic, the human with the Divine.  Maharishi describes this as the wisdom of integration of life - the wisdom that enables any individual to live the full value of life: 100% Inner and 100% Outer - Living 200% of life is the purpose of Yoga.  This is the state known as Enlightenment. Where does this union take place?  Within.  Within our own heart and mind. The Transcendental Meditation program provides a natural, effortless and scientifically validated means to dive within and to bring out the full value of our inner potential to be lived in daily life.  The result is increased fulfillment, warmth, happiness and appreciation of all aspects of living. Why? Because through TM practice we are nourishing the most basic aspect of life, which is our own consciousness. ...to be continued on our next blog. In the meantime, to learn more, visit www.TM.org or attend a free introductory lecture on the Transcendental Meditation program.  Email: DesMoines@TM.org or phone 1.888.LearnTM (1-888-532-7686) for details of a TM Introductory Lecture in your area. Dr. Joseph Boxerman Director Maharishi Invincibility Center of West Des Moines 3330 Westown Parkway West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 (641) 451.5000