Take a diet from "Diets"

Most people would tell you that diets don't work based on past experience and yet January is here and some of the same people would admit they are ready to get on the band wagon and attempt yet another diet program. Is there another way? What about letting go of obsessing about fat, calories and carbs to make a decision to simply enjoy food again. Current research shows there is a new trend toward "positive eating." More dieters are now shunning deprivation diets and instead focusing on adding seasonal vegetables, nuts, berries and other healthful foods to their plates. People are finding simple ways to enjoy their food through going to local fresh markets or preparing home cooked meals. As a result of these small changes, people are maintaining their weight and actually losing excess weight without strict rules and restrictions. Learning to eat mindfully creates a sensaion of being balanced and teaches us to trust our bodies; in comparison to only eating certain foods and experiencing guilt over a reasonable serving of ice cream. What diets have you tried? Were you able to keep the weight off? ........If you are interested in discovering simple ways to add healthy foods to your diet and learning to listen to your body- see our web calendar for the Transitions Lifestyle and yoga based weight management workshop at the lounge. Our twelve week program will include nutritional supplementation, multimedia programs and personal documentation built around the low-glycemic-index philosophy. Add in a weekly dose of yoga with guided imagery, meditation and exercises to embrace the present- and you just might discover a healthy path to weight management that becomes a way of life rather than just another diet. Written by Beth Powell (certified Brain Gym counselor and health nutritionist) and Sandy Eimers