Erin Luense RYT

Erin began her inner journey with vipassana meditation. She fostered a home practice and earned her RYT from balance yoga lounge and completed trauma sensitive yoga certification with Sundara Yoga Therapy (TIYT). Compassion and curiosity guide her on and off the mat and she enjoys supporting others on their yoga journey.

Erin Luense RYT instructs the following:
  • Mixed Level Yoga
  • A moderately paced class appropriate for beginner through intermediate students. Our mixed level class incorporates fluid movement as well as attention to alignment and breathing. Modifications permit each student to customize the practice according to their needs.

  • Essential Hatha Yoga
  • Practice basic yoga postures, the art and benefits of breathing, gentle stretching and basic flowing movement. Modification of poses and use of props are encouraged to enhance alignment and energy within asana. Beginners welcome!