Somatic Rē●sĕt

This class is taught by:

Sandy Eimers ERYT500 C-IAYT

Sandy is a pharmacist and owner of balance yoga lounge and principal instructor at balanced breath school of yoga. In addition to leading group yoga classes, she is available for private yoga and yoga therapy sessions. She is certified in somatic movement, trauma yoga, and is a registered yoga therapist through the IAYT. She is also a senior faculty member at Sundara Yoga Therapy (Austin, TX); facilitating  trauma-informed training's held throughout North America.
Interested in expanding your knowledge of classic pranayama (conscious breathing)? Looking for a practice that can help you develop single-pointed focus? We can’t strengthen muscles we don’t have control over… including the primary muscle of respiration- the diaphragm. Somatic practices embrace minimal movement while creating maximum sensation; using the deepest muscles of the core to guide movement of body and breath. All levels of ability can find benefit from somatic movement and conscious breath practice.