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welcome to băl•ance yoga lounge

băl•ance yoga lounge in Ankeny offers yoga for every body. Intimate classes and caring instruction create a supportive learning environment for new and experienced practitioners. When your yoga embraces all eight limbs it follows you off the mat and into the world. 


The yoga lounge offers a variety of community classes for students seeking body/mind balance. As a yoga community our focus is to empower individuals to work toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga and meditation. We offer a trauma sensitive practice space and instructors trained in healing engagement for a world weary from over-stimulation and chronic stress. With a focus on moving with ease and breathing with intention, we explore inward and discover how to become our own agents of change. The process of transformation from victim to victor is an inside job. Yoga is a powerful tool for discovering your inner strength, flexibility, endurance, balance… and even joy! Many of our instructors have completed additional training to ensure they are sensitive to our students needs in creating a safe space for which to embark on a journey of inner exploration. You can visit our staff profile page to view the specialty certifications of our instructors; or you can schedule a free consultation to discuss all inquiries and concerns prior to your first visit to the yoga lounge.


With a drop-in format, each class is unique, based on the collective energy of the attending students. Our style of yoga is practiced from deep within and supported by safe alignment and inner sensation. Due to the therapeutic nature of instruction at the lounge, pregnant mamas are invited to attend all classes on our weekly schedule. If you are new to yoga, pregnancy is not the time to embrace a challenging physical practice; but it does create a space for gentle movement and cultivation of self-compassion.


In addition to offering affordable yoga classes and private yoga lessons, băl•ance yoga lounge offers individual therapeutically oriented yoga sessions- utilizing movement, breath and many other coping mechanisms that support healing. Working with the body and breath addresses the physical aspects of imbalances, while practicing stress reduction techniques reduces the psychological load. Health is a process, not a product; a constant search for unity and balance. 



give the gift of yoga with a băl'•ance yoga lounge gift certificate

BioMatHugs naturally make us feel better because they release oxytocin into the bloodstream (a hormone that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart, and increases relaxation). The amethyst crystal and infrared light of the BioMat pair to simulate the effects of a human hug! Message the lounge to schedule an appointment.