băl•ance yoga lounge

At băl•ance yoga lounge, we believe in yoga for the people. It is our hope that all of our students develop a love for yoga and reach a state of being where they feel a deep sense of ownership in the lounge. Our yoga instructors have a deep passion for the rich history of yoga and a willingness to share with others.

Each and every class experience will be different based on the collective energy of the attending students. As you progress along your yoga journey, it is our sincere wish that you develop a true passion for yoga from within and utilize our qualified instructors simply as guides.  While our culture of desire encourages us to feel deprived and want more, yoga teaches us to feel satisfied and grateful for what we have.

In addition to offering affordable yoga classes, băl•ance yoga lounge offers private therapeutic sessions using yogic movement and breath to manage symptoms of dis-ease. Working with the body and breath addresses the physical aspects of the person, while practicing stress reduction techniques reduces the psychological load. Health is a process, not a product…a constant search for balance.  Visit our class schedule and see you soon!

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